Welcome, participants!

How is your memory? Are you interested in volunteering for research?

We conduct research on learning and memory. Some of our current interests are in determining the effects of divided attention and aging on memory. In the basic research, the major goals are

  • to determine what causes age-related memory problems
  • to investigate strategies that healthy adults develop for improving their memory performance
  • to examine the influence of various individual differences on cognitive performance
  • to determine to what degree completing two tasks simultaneously affects performance on each task

In the intervention research, a variety of cognitive training programs are compared in terms of the durability of the effects. Furthermore, we examine potential differences among different age groups of adults (e.g., younger, middle-aged, and older adults) regarding the sensitivity to cognitive training. We also examine the benefits of being able to focus one’s attention on one task at a time.

The Memory and Cognitive Aging Laboratory (MACAL) is headed by Dr. Moshe Naveh-Benjamin of the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The studies most commonly involve verbal and pictorial information as well as pressing keys on a keyboard. Volunteers should be at least 18 years of age. Most studies are completed in one session, lasting approximately 1-2 hours, and all participants will be reimbursed with $12-20 (depending on the specific length of the experiment).

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